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The most popular service provided by the Edmonton Wills & Estates Law Office.

A Will is a legal document through which a person can decide on how their estate will be divided upon their death, who will manage their property, who will be the beneficiaries of their estate and who will be the guardian of their underage children, amongst a multitude of other things. 


A properly drafted valid Will ensures that your wishes are communicated and adhered to.

Without a valid Will, a person is said to have died "intestate". In that case, intestacy rules apply for the division of estate that can result in costly court processes, litigation and many times leads to unnecessary conflicts amongst family members.

At Edmonton Wills & Estates Law Office, we acknowledge the unique circumstances of our diverse clients and offer our services at affordable prices to assist everyday Edmontonians.​

Contact your trusted estate lawyer at the Edmonton Wills & Estates Law Office to ensure a safe future for your loved ones. 

Fee: Starting from $375 + GST